A Letter to the Dead Author Who Inspired Me to Write

To J.R.R. Tolkien,

You had already been dead for 33 years by time I read The Hobbit and immersed myself in Bilbo’s world. I was ten. Continue reading “A Letter to the Dead Author Who Inspired Me to Write”


Things That Make Writers Happy: Special Editions

I love special editions of books. The way they look, the way they feel, even the way they smell. They’re a beautiful rendition of an already amazing book. My favorite one is this leather-bound version of The Hobbit with gold-trimmed pages, maps, and various illustrations. Best of all, it’s got a sweet little note inside it from my dad.

Special editions like that belong on a bookshelf. I love the idea of having shelves and shelves of my favorite books: signed, well-preserved, decorative. I think that special editions of books exist solely for the collector. To have your favorite pieces of literature, artistically bound and designed, in your hands, on your shelves… Words can’t describe that feeling. Continue reading “Things That Make Writers Happy: Special Editions”