Taking An Unintended Hiatus

I’ve been slacking lately—not in school work or my jobs, but in general enjoyment. I’ve been slacking when it comes to taking care of my mental health, and I’ve been forgetting that my blog even exists. (I know, I know. How could a writer ever forget their blog, right?) It’s been three months since my unintended last post. Continue reading “Taking An Unintended Hiatus”

It's a Process

But How Can I Get to Know Them if They’re a Character in a Story?

The answer is simple: you write them a life–not as the background in the story (although, you can include some of it if you want), but as something for you to reference. It’s true that you can have an idea in mind for your character’s personality and actions and start from there, but without knowing who your character actually is, you will have a hard time giving them any sort of depth. Continue reading “But How Can I Get to Know Them if They’re a Character in a Story?”

Body Image, Relationships

Let Me Tell You a Story

Relationships are powerful—so powerful that they can disguise themselves as something beautiful when all they do is tear you apart. I had a friendship like that once, with a girl who was quiet around everyone except me, but I didn’t realize it until I was past the point of self-destruction.

It was little things she did at first: insulting other girls’ outfits behind their backs, complaining to me about how they “shouldn’t be wearing them because they’re too fat.” Those clothes were “coincidentally” things that I would wear. Continue reading “Let Me Tell You a Story”

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The Next Installment

I wrote a few more pages for my short story. If you missed the first part and wanna read it, you can find it here!

Fight or Flight (cont.)

I picked up the cold hunk of metal and turned it around in my hands. The metal glistened in the sliver of moonlight peering through the curtains. I traced my thumb back and forth along the switch before turning it on. The lightbulb flickered twice and blew out. I sighed. Remembering Simeon reminded me of how I’ve never found anyone that I connected with as well as I had with him. It was as if I’d missed out on the only chance I’d ever have with the man I was meant to be with. Continue reading “The Next Installment”


A Quick Snippet

This piece doesn’t have a lot of substance to it yet. It’s actually something I started roughly seven months ago and never picked back up. I haven’t really had a lot of inspiration to write new stories or poems lately, so I thought: Why not go back through and expand/touch-up some of my old stories? I found this little nugget hiding in a folder that I rarely used and it needed a lot of work. Continue reading “A Quick Snippet”