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“Happy” Poetry Isn’t as Easy as It Looks

I used to read love poems quite often when I was in the early stages of becoming a writer. They’re like the introductory section of a textbook. Simple, yet sweet, using basic literary devices in a way that’s easy to comprehend. It’s what everyone writes first. And that, in and of itself, is the problem. Continue reading ““Happy” Poetry Isn’t as Easy as It Looks”

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Let Me Tell You a Story

Relationships are powerful—so powerful that they can disguise themselves as something beautiful when all they do is tear you apart. I had a friendship like that once, with a girl who was quiet around everyone except me, but I didn’t realize it until I was past the point of self-destruction.

It was little things she did at first: insulting other girls’ outfits behind their backs, complaining to me about how they “shouldn’t be wearing them because they’re too fat.” Those clothes were “coincidentally” things that I would wear. Continue reading “Let Me Tell You a Story”


Falling Asleep Together

There’s something relaxing about falling asleep next to another person. You can have their arms around you, cuddle up to them in the middle of the night for warmth, and (if they’re nice enough) wake them up if you have a bad dream. The best part, though, is being able to wake up next to the person you love.

I love having him be the last thing I see every day and the first thing I see every morning. I know that no matter what happened the day before, he’s there, and we can start the day off right. Continue reading “Falling Asleep Together”



We do our best to keep everything together, to keep our lives straight and keep ourselves happy. More often than not, we lean on other people and look to them for help.

For a good portion of the last year, my boyfriend and I have used Skype as a way to maintain our relationship. There’s a fair amount of distance between our hometowns and Skype has been our crutch as far as being able to see each other. Thinking about it made me realize that we’re a lot more privileged than couples in our position used to be. Continue reading “Skype?”