The Ithaca Times:

Interlaken Illustrator Works in Distorted Realism
I got wind of an illustrator from a nearby town who works with the realistic side of caricatures–anywhere from painting a portrait of his own parents to making a Christmas card with a jolly Saint Nicholas on it.

Model Citizen: Tatts in a Coffee Shop
Model Citizen is a tattoo parlor in the middle of Downtown Ithaca, located in the back of a coffee shop. In honor of their 10th anniversary, I wrote a piece about the shop and the artists.

The Trumansburg Free Press:

GirlUp Benefit Nets $900
The local Femtastic group put together their 4th annual fundraiser to help provide education, safety, health, etc. to girls in developing nations. The benefit is designed to pull together the community and raise awareness for the campaign.

Student Art Auction Supports Foundation
The Trumansburg Central School District (TCSD) Foundation gives the school grants to host workshops, invite artists to do demonstrations, and put together an art show at the end of the year. The school chose to repay the Foundation during the third annual show by hosting an student-art auction.

Teachers Compete in Autism Fundraiser
A group of teachers at Charles O. Dickerson High School participated in a fundraiser during Autism Awareness. Each teacher was assigned a task and students donated money to the task-specific jars. Whichever teacher raised the most had to complete their task.

Trumansburg Sculptor Gains Popularity
James Seaman, a wood and metal worker, makes and ships sculptures across the globe. They’re displayed at places throughout the town and nearby city, along with his front yard.

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Toward Freedom:

Voices of Sexual Assault Survivors Were Amplified by Judge Aquilina
For four days in mid-January, women filled a Michigan courtroom to testify in the hearing of Larry Nassar. An abuser first and doctor second, Nassar ruined the lives of 256 women gymnasts under his medical care, many of whom came forward in court to give testimonies. In this courtroom, survivors found a rare ally in Judge Rosemarie Aquilina.

There Should Never Be Another Parkland: A College Student’s Perspective on Gun Reform
Being on a college campus, I find myself constantly on edge. Before the Parkland shooting, it was a lingering fear in the back of my mind, rearing its ugly head whenever someone seemed just a bit off. But now it’s prevalent—the Parkland survivors are calling for a movement, for gun reform and tighter security.