Audeamus, 2015 Edition
Co-edited the Champlain College CORE Division’s publication, Audeamus. Audeamus is a compilation of essays written by students in CORE classes. Professors submit the best and the essays are then passed to CCPI for editing, formatting, and printing. Myself and four others edited the 2015 edition.

Publishing: Digitized and Personalized
Publishing: Digitized and Personalized
was an anthology of essays compiled, edited, and published by Colleen Rooney, a Champlain College alumna. I served as the copyeditor and production manager for the publication (starting in September 2016), and worked with a team of fantastic people to pull off the launch of the book in February of 2017.

What started out as the Champlain College Division of Communication and Creative Media’s (CCM) digital magazine in Fall 2015 has blossomed into a print and digital magazine. The magazine highlights students, faculty, alumni, and centers within the CCM Division. I wrote for, copyeditied, and proofread the first five issues and served as the Assistant Managing Editor for Issues 3, 4, an 5.