Champlain College Center for Publishing

Champlain Writer’s Newsletter
I headed and produced a writing newsletter for the Champlain community, including places where writers can submit works, a monthly writing prompt, and upcoming events both on- and off-campus.

CNET Begins Publishing Fiction
The technology-based news site published a short story back in March of 2016 about a social media star, launching their new exploration into technology-based fiction. I discuss what it really looks like vs. what I expected and the quality of the pieces published.

Playing the Game of Exploitation
I recently had a work experience that was fine at the beginning, but turned into something that I didn’t deserve. It’s important to be wary of the opportunities you take on, and I wanted to share my personal story to raise awareness for other writers.

Snapchat’s Growing Into a Better Publishing Platform
With the release of Snapchat’s Discover section, the popular app began branching into the publishing world, giving current publications an outlet to showcase their work to a potentially new audience. It was an attempt to boost traffic to the individual publication’s content while simultaneously drawing more popularity to Snapchat.

Turning Social Media Into a Writing Platform
I focus on how social media is slowly being used for places like National Geographic and Cosmopolitan to publish their articles and gain more readership.

What on Earth is Hybrid Publishing?
Falling somewhere on the spectrum between traditional and self-publishing, hybrid publishing is a new kind of tactic entering the publishing industry. I focus on a few hybrid publishers, examining their tactics, successes, and (for one) failures.

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