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I Wanted a Life of ‘Professional Writing’

Over the last two and a half years, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked on campus is, “What exactly to do Pro. Writing majors do?”

Well, I can tell you this: we certainly don’t learn how to stare out the window and write the next Great American Novel. Most of our nights are filled with writer’s block, procrastination, and endless amounts of coffee. At Champlain, a lot of our focus is placed on our futures: where do we see ourselves in five years? What do we really want to do with our lives? Continue reading “I Wanted a Life of ‘Professional Writing’”


Round Two

It’s a little weird knowing that I’m almost halfway done with college, that I’m turning 20 in two months, and that right after my birthday, I’ll have been with my best friend for two years (and going strong). I look at where I am now versus where I thought I would be and, I have to say, it’s a hell of a lot different than what I had in mind.

I had dreams of being a lawyer then a writer then a fashion designer, a nail artist, a journalist… The list goes on. I think every little girl wants to have a career dealing with hair, nails, or clothes at some point in her life. I even toyed with the idea of combining my interests and writing for a fashion magazine. But nothing’s sticking. Continue reading “Round Two”


What’s the Buzz About Bees?

As part of a sustainability project at Champlain College, I wrote a flash piece about the final moment of a honeybee drone’s life. It features Evan, a drone bee who’s eager to meet his new queen. Enjoy.


Day of the Drone: Evan’s Final Flight

I looked far into the distance: still nothing. I knew it was time to mate—I’d heard through the hive that she’d beaten out the other four “queens” just yesterday. But even though I was better at spotting her than the worker bees were, I’d seen head nor stinger of the Queen all day.

“We get a fresh, virgin bee now that Queen Bella left with half of our colony. I’m not sure who it will be, but she should be coming around here any minute now,” I buzzed to the other drones as we lazed around on the flowers, sipping nectar. Continue reading “What’s the Buzz About Bees?”


Inner Thoughts

“What matters is that you don’t stop writing because then, and only then, will truth come through.”
~Brett Sigurdson

Emotions are everything. Someone can write all they want, but until they decide to put some of their emotions into their work, they won’t know what their voice is capable of.

Brett’s one of my professors this semester. He’s pretty chill. I didn’t think his class would be that different from our other Core classes, to be honest. But when he said that… It just spoke to me. I started to think about everything I’ve been through, about how I spent all of last year putting those unacknowledged emotions into my writing and how that’s developed my voice as a writer. Continue reading “Inner Thoughts”

College, Poems?

A Path

I’m slowly starting to realize what it is I actually want to write.

I thought for awhile that I wanted to get involved with Journalism. I loved the idea of travelling the world, exploring the life and the culture that’s beyond the limits of where I live… It seems (almost) glamorous. But the world, while beautiful, is a dangerous place. There’s certain things I wouldn’t be able to do in my life if I spent it travelling alone and writing stories.

But what about all the stories locked inside my head? Continue reading “A Path”

College, Poems?

Out in the World

We did this super cool thing in Creative Writing the other day: A pantoum! I never knew about this form of poetry… Now I can’t stop looking for them and thinking of them. I think I’ve formed some sort of obsession? I don’t know. Oh well.

For those of you who don’t know, a pantoum is a form of poetry where you write one quatrain in an A B A B format. The second one follows the same rhyming pattern, but using lines 2 and 4 for lines 5 and 7 (respectively) and lines 6 and 8 have a different rhyme. Continue reading “Out in the World”


A Year of Dance

I can’t even begin to express how awesome this first year has been because of all the opportunities on campus. I found writing friends I can bond with, jobs where I can enjoy what I’m doing, and a recreational activity that I love more than I thought I ever would: dance.

Initially, I joined the dance team because I wanted to do something with my flexibility. For eight years, I was a twirler… I didn’t want all the kicks, spins, leaps, and splits to go to waste. Continue reading “A Year of Dance”


Second Semester

IMG_20141211_120438_524 (2)I’ve heard different opinions over the last five years about whether high school or college is the “best four years of my life.” I can honestly say that after one semester away from home, my vote goes to college.

One of the best decisions I’ve made in the last year and a half was deciding to go out of state for school. Sure, tuition costs more and I’ll be in debt for who knows how many years, but it’s worth it. Continue reading “Second Semester”