About the Writer

I’m a writer, reader, editor, and lover of all things J.R.R. Tolkien. The Hobbit was the book that inspired me to write, and I have never stopped wishing that Tolkien was alive so I could meet him. I grew up in a small, Upstate New York town where there was always time to do nothing but read and I constantly begged my parents for a cat.

I was raised next door to a waterfall and find myself craving nature. I’m most in my element around calm, rushing water—preferably rivers—and forests where I can venture for hours on end. That being said, my day never starts unless I bury my face in a cup of joe (and on those rare days when I don’t get to drink it, be forewarned).

Some of my favorite times to write are while I’m drinking coffee—though I can never concentrate in one of those romanticized coffee shops. It isn’t my scene. I much prefer the comfort of my apartment, my pen set, and the ability to sprawl my thoughts out across the table. Miraculously enough, I’ve managed to avoid getting coffee stains on any of my notebooks.

I may or may not have a slight journal addiction. There’s a stack on my desk ranging from empty to three-quarters full, but none of them are complete. I absolutely love journaling. I also enjoy poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and journalism. My interests are all over the place, and frankly, it keeps my career fun. I’m able to focus on anything and everything I want to do, and I take pleasure in doing it all.

 Official Bio:

Kiera Hufford grew up in a small town where she kept her writing hidden to herself. She’s currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing from Champlain College, where she has blossomed into a freelance writer/editor and is constantly looking for new opportunities to share her work.


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