When Opportunity Knocks

Writing opportunities don’t come around that often when we’re younger and unpublished. Many of us, myself included, are responsible for tracking down what we want and shoveling our work into the mouths of literary magazine after literary magazine. So what happens when you’re offered an unpaid writing gig that requires one new piece of material each week?

You go for it.

Odyssey recently decided to launch a branch at Champlain College and one of my friends recommended me for a position as a Content Creator. It isn’t paid, but it’s exposure–and that’s what new and old writers vie for. Odyssey gives a voice to the millennial generation. I know, I know. Older generations hate millennials because “we’re attached to our phones” and “want everything handed to us on a silver platter.” And while that’s true in some cases, it’s largely a stereotype attributed to an entire generation.

Part of what’s so great about this site is that it lets the millennials break the stereotype. We can share our opinions, speak our minds, and defend what we think and believe. Whether the older generations like to admit it or not, we’ve got some pretty intelligent stuff running through our minds. That’s why I decided to take the position and use the opportunity to discuss rape culture.

My first piece, Closing Your Eyes Won’t Make Rape Culture Go Away, focuses on the existence of rape culture in our society. A lot of people are in denial about it–probably because they don’t want to admit that it exists and that, at some point in their lives, they’ve contributed to it. But turning a blind eye won’t accomplish anything. I wrote this piece as a way to force people to confront (some of) the issues around rape and rape cases in our society.

Nothing’s going to change if we don’t admit that it’s real. Society is blaming victims and sympathizing rapists and there’s nothing right about that. There’s nothing right about a man who thinks he’s entitled to a woman’s body (or vice versa). And if we address the root(s) of what we do that enforces this behavior, maybe we’ll be further along at fixing the problem.

As a Content Creator with Odyssey, I’ve got the opportunity to write about whatever I want. And I plan to use that chance to it’s full potential. Stay tuned for more. (And check out my first piece. It’s worth reading and making yourself aware.)


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