A Tribute to an Inspiration

I wrote a poem in honor of the late novelist Harper Lee. News of her passing came to me earlier today, leading me to pay tribute to one of my favorite authors and inspirations in the only way I know how.

Harper and the Mockingbird

Your words flowed
so flawlessly on the page;
depictions of race and childhood
intertwined into a single novel
that became required reading.

55 years later
another was published—
first one written, second
to hit light of day, and fans
jumped at the chance
to preorder the sequel;

hardcover, not paperback,
because it’s something
we want to treasure on our shelves
next to a collector’s edition
of the 1960 original.

Today, in lieu of your death
and in your honor,
I hope you rest easy
up in the sky
with F. Scott Fitzgerald and J. D. Salinger;
William Golding and Edgar Allan Poe.

Keep your kind in your company
and we’ll keep you in our hearts.


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