From Here on Out

I’m taking my first portfolio class at Champlain this semester. We were all tossed into it without knowing what to expect–even the professor. No one told her what kind of students she’d have or what type of writing they’d enjoy. She was given the class and told that it had to be about media: give the writers a digital present and teach them how to market themselves online.

One of the things we have to create this semester is a blog. (We’ve already created a Tumblr and Twitter–you can find both of mine by clicking those links.) Basically, this is going to head in a bit of a new/more organized direction.

I’m going to combine the musings that I’ve been doing with some writing processes and updates. I’m going to be redoing all the categories–keeping similar ones but turning them into subcategories–and potentially buying my own domain name. If the domain doesn’t work out, I’ll at the very least be changing the url to something that’s more geared to what I’m doing.

This blog has changed immensely from the vision I had when I created it a little over a year ago. It’s become a haven for my writing, my musings, my inner thoughts. The focus has never really been what I intended and it’s time that the url matches what I want, both for myself and for those who follow me. I’ll be keeping the musings you’re all used to seeing, but I’m going to start mixing in more of my writing and things related to that nature.

So stay tuned! More things to come.


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