Things That Make Writers Happy: Signed Books

I’ve noticed a trend circling the internet called Year of Happiness or 100 Happy Days. I love the idea behind it and the way people are taking it on/putting their own spin on it. But I didn’t want to simply repeat something that had already been done.

It would be easy to give something every day that made all of me happy, but I got to thinking: What happens that only makes certain parts of my personality happy? What things make Kiera the Writer happy as opposed to making Kiera the Animal Lover happy? That’s when I decided I’d put a spin on the 100 Happy Days/Year of Happiness theme and do a continuing series of posts about things that make writers happy, starting with: Signed books.

IMG_20151117_132308My favorite poet, Robert M. Drake, recently released A Brilliant Madness, a new collection of poetry. I haven’t read much of it yet, but I got preordered it and it’s the second book that I’ve gotten with an autograph on the inside.

I’ve always heard from people that signed copies of books are better to have–they have more monetary value. But that’s not why I bought them. I could care less about the monetary value I could get from selling them five or ten years down the road. They’re going to sit on my bookshelf ’til the day I die. Signed copies of books have a more personal value.

It may just be me, but I feel closer to the book when it’s signed. It becomes more of a piece of writing that I can hold close and treasure because the author/poet took the time to sign it. Sure, their name’s printed on the front cover and a few of the inside pages. That proves that it’s their work. But with an autograph… They took the time to sign it, to make the copy beautiful, and I love that I can call pieces like that mine.

They’re something I’ll treasure forever.


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