Inner Thoughts

“What matters is that you don’t stop writing because then, and only then, will truth come through.”
~Brett Sigurdson

Emotions are everything. Someone can write all they want, but until they decide to put some of their emotions into their work, they won’t know what their voice is capable of.

Brett’s one of my professors this semester. He’s pretty chill. I didn’t think his class would be that different from our other Core classes, to be honest. But when he said that… It just spoke to me. I started to think about everything I’ve been through, about how I spent all of last year putting those unacknowledged emotions into my writing and how that’s developed my voice as a writer.

A lot of my fiction is starting to have a dark twist to it–but it all comes from the same place. The dark ideas, the flow of the writing… It’s all because I didn’t stop. I wrote when I needed it most to convey a story that most people didn’t know, and now I’m not afraid to share what I’ve been through. I can talk about it without tearing up, without getting angry, and that’s because all that negative emotion formed my poetry and my fiction for the last year. And I realized: good literature really does come from bad experiences. Every good writer has a story, something that tweaked them in just the right way that it shaped them into the person they became.

And suddenly I knew how lucky college had made me. I got to leave everyone who had hurt me behind and come to a new place where no one new me. I had a fresh start… And I was finally able to be myself and become the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve met people her, made friends here, who are everything that I ever wanted. They care so much more than the friends I used to have and it’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world. If I hadn’t wanted to pursue writing, to better my skills, I never would have met any of these people. I honestly don’t know where I’d be.

Writing’s had such a powerful impact in my life. It’s made me aware of my own feelings, my own thoughts… It’s brought the truth out that I was trying to keep to myself. It made me realize that I didn’t have to handle everything myself. I could tell my story openly and have people respect and be there for me. Because of my writing, I don’t feel afraid to be who I want to be anymore.


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