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To the One Who Needs This Most

You’re loved.

I know it may not seem like it, especially when you’re having trouble loving yourself… But there’s always someone who cares a great deal about you. It’s entirely possible that you’re just having trouble seeing how much they care when everything else is clouding your vision… But I promise: the love is there.

I spent a good four years of my life (called high school) wondering who really cared about me and who didn’t. Of course, I always had my family by my side, but what was hard was figuring out which of my “friends” actually cared and which ones were only there because it was convenient for them. Unfortunately, I had a toxic best friend. She would put me down any chance she got (about my clothes, the food I had, how I looked, my grades, etc). Looking back on it, I think it was just because she was insecure about herself and didn’t want anyone else to feel like they were better than her. She felt threatened and she attacked.

It took me awhile to figure out how much she was actually hurting the way I looked at myself. I didn’t notice it as much at first… It seemed to happen slowly over time. But somewhere along the line, her comments and snarky remarks caused me to lose track of who I was. I think about the person I became and, even know, I don’t recognize who that girl was. I didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. That’s when I realized it was time to change things, to cut people out of my life who were harmful, and that’s exactly what I did.

imagejpeg_9_1 (1)I was lucky enough to have this little nugget of sunshine walk into my life and show me how I deserve to be treated and the level of respect that I deserve from whoever I decide to surround myself with. Not only did he become my boyfriend, but he’s my best friend. You’d be amazed at the impact that positive people can have on your life. They have the capability of giving you a whole new outlook, a new way to look at the things you do, say, and think. He’s made me a better person. It’s been hard, but he’s slowly been helping me look at the world in a more positive manner. It’s amazing.

If you can, I recommend you do the same. Find some time to sit down and take a good, hard look at your life. Who’s in it that’s supporting you? Who’s benefiting you? Who’s hurting you? Try to cut out the people in your life who don’t have any compliments or any support for you. Surround yourself with all the people who provide you with positive ideas, words, and vibes. The impact that negative people have is just as powerful as the impact that positive people have, if not more. That’s when it becomes important for you to see yourself in a positive light.

Take it from me: it may be difficult to do, and it may seem impossible, but it’s all worth it in the end. Because you are loved, and you deserve to see yourself for everything that you’re worth.


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