College, Poems?

Out in the World

We did this super cool thing in Creative Writing the other day: A pantoum! I never knew about this form of poetry… Now I can’t stop looking for them and thinking of them. I think I’ve formed some sort of obsession? I don’t know. Oh well.

For those of you who don’t know, a pantoum is a form of poetry where you write one quatrain in an A B A B format. The second one follows the same rhyming pattern, but using lines 2 and 4 for lines 5 and 7 (respectively) and lines 6 and 8 have a different rhyme. For the third, you’d use lines 6 and 8 for lines 9 and 11 (respectively) with another different rhyme for lines 10 and 12. The final quatrain uses lines 10 and 12 for lines 13 and 15 (respectively), but then line 3 becomes line 14 and line 1 becomes line 16.

It’s sort of confusing, especially because I’m not great at explaining it. So, here’s an example of one I wrote in the shower! One of the showers in my dorm is incredibly tiny (I think I’m one of the few people who can actually fit in it okay since I’m so small) and reminded me of a “little shack.” For one of the rhymes, you may somewhat recognize the line. When I was trying to find a word to rhyme with “door,” I immediately thought of “more” and The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, so it’s safe to say I drew a little inspiration from that, too. I’ve always loved the slightly eerie feeling from that poem.

Out in the World

I’m showering alone in this little shack,
Steam rising through my toes.
The water: It drips slowly down my back.
I’m far away from friends and foes.

The steam keeps rising through my toes,
And I hear a soft knock on the wooden door.
I’m so far from my friends and foes,
So, maybe it’s a deer? And nothing more.

A soft knock echoes from the wooden door.
Peeling back the curtain, I listen silently.
Maybe it’s a deer and nothing more,
But the knocking gets louder, banging violently.

I peel back the curtain to listen silently
As the water drips slowly down my back.
The knocking gets louder, banging violently,
And I’m showering alone in this little shack.


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