Have You Ever Wanted to Be Stuck on an Island?

The answer: No.

But what if you were thrown into a hypothetical scenario in college for an entire semester where a plane crashed in the ocean and you and the members of your class had to build a new community from scratch? Then what would you do?

Picture this: A professor turns himself into an “all-powerful being” who decides what’s on the island, then throws 20 kids into a situation where they have to figure out how to fend for themselves, create shelter, coexist peacefully, and create a sustainable environment. They either split into groups and do jobs that can allow everyone to live–or we break off into rival groups and go to war.

For three weeks, my classmates and I worked as a whole to try and figure out a way to live–some would hunt, some would gather food, some would build. But we didn’t have a leader, a government, someone to make sure we contained ourselves. The person who tried to take charge first… Well… She was overthrown. She wanted to keep all the best resources for herself and make everyone else suffer. When four of my friends and I decided to split off and become our own group, everyone decided it was time for a new leader and a new game plan that would keep everyone together.

The government became a group of four students who started to establish laws and trade for each of the groups: Hunters, police, builders, and farmers. Every group has something different to offer, something they can give other groups in return for whatever they’re offering. The issue is: No one’s completely satisfied. No one likes the rules the government’s coming up with. Everyone thinks they deserve more than they’re getting. Not to mention the fact that the “all-powerful being” that’s itching for us to fight.

One group comes up with an idea? It gets shot down. The government comes up with an idea? He asks the groups how we feel and if we disapprove. He’s trying to cause unrest to put pressure on our community, our environment, and progress is slow.

We’ve been on the island since February. If you ask me, we’d be dead by now.


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