College, Poems?

Days Gone By

A quick, little poem for your enjoyment. I’ve got plans to revise this one for my end-of-the-year portfolio. Hopefully, I can expand it with a lot of examples that speak to a wide audience. Enjoy!

As humans, we travel. We walk along rocky paths,
Paths that take us somewhere
We’ve never been.

There’s two ways to look at the trip.
At a glance, it’s about where we
End up. But what about
The journey?

Each step leads us to a different spot,
A spot we may have never seen
If we’d just stepped
A little more
To the right.

What if we had never seen the branch in the path
And hadn’t stepped aside to avoid it?

We’d stumble,
We’d fall,
We’d get back up and continue on.

What if we had taken the trail near the water
Instead of the one that led through the hills?

We’d have a smoother walk,
A simpler path,
But we never would have witnessed
The baby sparrow
Diving from its nest
For the first time.

But what if maybe, just maybe, we always take
The road less traveled?


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