Home Is…

Home is where the heart is.

We’ve all heard that saying. When I was younger, we used to have a sign up in my kitchen that said, “Home, sweet home.” I always just assumed that it meant my house, my parents, the life I lived there. More recently, I’ve come to see how both of these sayings work with each other… And how my home isn’t just where I grew up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going home for breaks and being with my family, but it seems like there’s a piece of me that’s missing. It’s kind of hard to explain if you’ve never felt this way… But it’s true. Between school, my hometown, and visiting my boyfriend at his house, I’ve realized (and so has he) that we both feel most at home when we’re with each other, regardless of whether we’re at our actual houses or not. It puts a lot of truth behind your heart determining where your home is.

There are some things, though, that will always make my hometown my home, even if I don’t live there when I finish school. There’s things that I see, say, remember, and do that remind me of where I learned it and where I grew up–they, for lack of a better phrase, hit home.

Photo courtesy of Google search

One of my favorites: Taughannock Falls. This is, by far, one of the biggest things that I’ll always recognize as home. I had the privilege of growing up five minutes from a state park with a gorgeous waterfall and a gorge that you could wade in every summer. I loved it… I still love it. It was one of the first things I wanted to bring with me to college (of course, I couldn’t actually cut a giant waterfall out of the earth and bring it to Vermont, so I just brought a picture. Second best thing, right?). We watched a random video about words in class today and, out of nowhere, the waterfall I grew up five minutes from showed up in it. It was such a familiar feeling. I saw it and thought, “Yep. That’s home.”

I bet if you think about it, long and hard, you’ll be able to think of a few things that you’ll always associate with the place you grew up in, the place you came from.

P.S. You should all watch the video. It’s pretty cool.


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