From Underland

I haven’t had a lot of time to post lately and I hate it. But, I did write a poem based off Alice in Wonderland that I thought I’d share.

From Underland

Spinning. That’s all I remember. The world,
A mix of greens, browns, reds, yellows, and blues,
Swirling around me as I tumbled down. Down,
Into the dark abyss that this nutty rabbit calls

I was following him… Wasn’t I?
I think so, but he’s gone. I’m lost,
Stuck in this—what’s that sound?
A voice in the distance? It’s faint, just like
An echo.

Whoooo… Aaare… Yooou?” Me? Is it talking
To me? Curiouser and curiouser….
Little puffs of smoke, swirling around my head?
But that can’t be. I see no fires, no matches,

Funny, though, for a moment I thought
I saw a cat’s grin. It was much different than Dinah’s, but
Nonetheless a cat’s. Sparkle, sparkle. Was that
A little shine? From a cat’s tooth?
Oh, no no no….

I’m going crazy, I must be. Maybe I’ve fallen asleep
Under the tree beside my sister. All I need to do
Is wake up. Wake up, Alice, wake—
Oh, it’s no use. I’m going

“Most everyone’s mad here. You may have noticed
I’m not all there, myself.” That voice… Did it come
From that cat’s grin? That’s preposterous. I suppose
I’ll just go…
This way.

It sounds as if there’s a birthday party
Up ahead. I wonder if they have—
“Would you like a little more tea?” Tea!
“Well, I haven’t had any yet, so I can’t very well
Take more.”

This man, he must be mad! To think that I
Should take more tea when I’ve had none.
He’s mad as a hatter! And to think he asked,
“Why is a raven like a writing desk?”
Silly riddles.

I just haven’t the time! The hare,
He slices cups of tea in half and the mice
Freak out whenever I mention my cat.
I must get out of here, but how?
The queen.

Did someone just say the queen? Oh, dear…
Oh, my… I fear I’m growing crazier
Every minute. There’s that grin again.
“You must see the queen! She’ll be mad about you,
Simply mad!”

Please, Chesh, h-how can I find her?”
“Well, some go this way,
And some go that way. As for me,
I prefer the shortcut.” Oh… Why does he always

But what’s this? Do I spy a game of croquet
With the little rabbit? I do! Maybe he
Can be of some help. But…
Why’s that card playing the game?
The queen.

“Your majesty!”
“Who dares paint my roses red?!
The deuce? The ace?
Off with their heads!!”


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