Falling Asleep Together

There’s something relaxing about falling asleep next to another person. You can have their arms around you, cuddle up to them in the middle of the night for warmth, and (if they’re nice enough) wake them up if you have a bad dream. The best part, though, is being able to wake up next to the person you love.

I love having him be the last thing I see every day and the first thing I see every morning. I know that no matter what happened the day before, he’s there, and we can start the day off right. It’s comforting. There’s times when I’ll wake up during the night from having a nightmare, or hearing him talk in his sleep, or even from having him pull me closer to him. Each time, I can’t help but smile. It’s adorable when he talks in his sleep, I love having him pull me towards him for warmth, and when I get scared, I look at him and I know everything’s okay.

The only difficult part is having to go back to sleeping alone. When you get used to contact like that and having someone close to you every night, it gets lonely when they aren’t there. But there’s an upside. The nights you spend together become more treasured, more precious. And when you’re alone, you get to look forward to the warm feeling in the middle of the night when you finally get to fall asleep next to them again. Doesn’t that make the time alone worth it?


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