Second Semester

IMG_20141211_120438_524 (2)I’ve heard different opinions over the last five years about whether high school or college is the “best four years of my life.” I can honestly say that after one semester away from home, my vote goes to college.

One of the best decisions I’ve made in the last year and a half was deciding to go out of state for school. Sure, tuition costs more and I’ll be in debt for who knows how many years, but it’s worth it. The experience I’ve had at Champlain College so far exceed all of the things I endured during the four years I was in high school. Leaving my home state put me in a place that I was guaranteed to be uncomfortable in and it forced me to meet tons of new people. Where I’m from, going to any of the state schools meant getting stuck with people you knew in high school. All the choices and mistakes you made would follow you to college, and who wants that?

Somehow, in the month that I was home, I forgot how much I enjoyed my classes here, how friendly everyone was, and how personable my professors were. We’re just two days into the new semester and it already feels like home again. How could it not? Downtown Burlington almost mimics my hometown. There’s Church Street, a street with stores and restaurants along it for people to explore, and Burlington’s lakeside just like my town back home. It’s perfect. I get everything here that I had at home, along with new friends, new memories, and a place where I can feel completely comfortable.

Champlain’s perfect. I can’t imagine how it would have been if I had picked a different school. The location’s beautiful, the faculty’s wonderful, the classes are interesting, the size of the college makes it feel more like a community, and the upperclassmen are more than welcoming to the new students. It’s the exact opposite of how high school was. I wouldn’t trade this for the world.


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