A New Years Kiss

Every girl dreams of being kissed by that special someone at midnight on New Year’s. The ball starts dropping, everyone counts down, and as it hits it mark, you get pulled into the arms of the one you love. In some respects, it’s close to a fantasy. For a lot of people, their first New Year’s kiss is memorable, but never with the one they plan to keep for the rest of their lives. Mine was.

I’ve been seeing a guy for almost a year. My parents have told me that when you’ve got something special, it isn’t hard to figure it out. He’s one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. It makes me happy to be able to say that he was the first one I ever kissed on New Year’s. The idea of the kiss at midnight is always a fun one, but having my first one with him made it something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. Sharing a kiss with the one you love is a beautiful thing.

I dare you to remember your first New Year’s kiss. Remember how you felt, how nice it was, and how (at the time) it made you happy. The littlest things are the most precious to look back on.


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